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Pet Wellness Exams in Charlotte, NC

Welcome to Charlotte Companion Animal Hospital, where we prioritize the health and well-being of your beloved pets. Our comprehensive exams are designed to provide preventive care, early detection of potential health issues, and personalized attention for each pet and client. With our state-of-the-art tools, such as ultrasound and in-house labs, we can obtain the necessary information promptly. Join us in promoting the longevity and happiness of your four-legged family members.

What is a Wellness Examination for Pets?

A wellness examination is a routine check-up performed by our experienced veterinarian, Dr. Erin Koballa, to assess the overall health and well-being of your pet. It is an opportunity to detect early signs of potential health issues or diseases before they become more serious and costly to treat. During the exam, we monitor your pet’s growth, weight, dental health, and overall body condition. It also serves as a platform to discuss concerns and receive advice on nutrition, behavior, and tailored preventive care.

Why Choose Charlotte Companion Animal Hospital?

At Charlotte Companion Animal Hospital, we understand the importance of individualized care for each pet and client. We believe in avoiding a “one size fits all” approach and tailoring our services to meet your pet and family’s specific needs. Our compassionate team ensures a friendly and stress-free environment where we build a strong bond with your pet and make them feel comfortable. With our advanced tools, including ultrasound and in-house labs, we can provide same-day information if needed.

How Do Preventive Exams Benefit Pets?

Preventive exams play a crucial role in keeping your pets healthy and happy. By detecting diseases at an early stage, we can initiate appropriate treatment and prevent further complications. We aim to help your pets live the longest and happiest lives possible while strengthening the human-animal bond. Regular preventive exams allow your pet to build trust and familiarity with our veterinary team and clinic.

What Does a Wellness Examination Typically Involve?

Every exam at Charlotte Companion Animal Hospital begins with a thorough intake of history and a nose-to-tail examination of your pet. Our team takes the time to discuss any concerns, identify potential problems, and assess risk factors. We believe in involving you every step of the way, creating a customized plan that fits your family’s lifestyle, budget, and relationship with your furry companion. The examination typically includes a comprehensive physical examination, discussions about your pet’s medical history, vaccinations, parasite prevention, and, if necessary or requested additional diagnostic tests.

Detecting Early Signs of Health Problems:

Our wellness examinations are an invaluable tool for detecting early signs of health problems in your pets. By identifying issues early on, we can implement appropriate treatments, manage conditions effectively, and enhance your pet’s quality of life. 

Risks Associated with Wellness Examinations:

For the most part, wellness examinations pose minimal risks for your pets. As with any procedure or diagnostic test, our veterinary team carefully weighs the risks and benefits for each patient. If, in exceptional cases, the risks outweigh the benefits, we will explore alternative approaches or refrain from proceeding further.

Wellness Examination vs. Regular Veterinary Check-up:

The terms “wellness examination” and “regular veterinary check-up” are frequently used interchangeably, with only slight differences in emphasis. While a regular check-up may encompass a wider range of visits and purposes beyond preventive care, our wellness examinations focus on promoting preventive care and overall well-being. We aim to keep your pets in optimal health through thorough assessments and tailored recommendations.

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We prioritize the comprehensive wellness of your beloved pets, and with advanced tools and same-day results, we ensure prompt and accurate care. Join us in promoting the health, happiness, and longevity of your furry companions. Schedule a wellness exam today and experience the exceptional care we offer.