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Sick Vet Visit in Charlotte, NC

When a beloved pet seems a bit off, it might be more than just a bad day; it could be a sign of mild sickness or a more serious illness. At Charlotte Companion Animal Hospital, we provide urgent pet care for sick pets and will always be there for you and your pet when they feel ill, offering same-day appointments. We know that trips to urgent care can be stressful. We want to make you and your pet feel at ease!  

What is a Sick Pet Visit?  

In the human healthcare system, there are different options for receiving medical care, and which one you visit depends on the severity of the issue. The same is true for our furry friends. A pet urgent care visit is designed to treat health emergencies or acute-onset problems in pets that are not life-threatening but require immediate care. It allows your vet to examine your pet whenever they are ill or injured, diagnose the issue, and provide prompt treatment.

Sick Vet Visit: What are the Signs? 

While our pets cannot tell us when they feel sick, pet parents know their babies better than anyone else and can always tell when something is wrong. Early signs of illness vary greatly depending on the underlying issue. It can be as simple as slight behavioral changes, such as acting “off” or not jumping on things, or more serious symptoms, like full-blown seizures.   

Other signs that may indicate your pet is sick and requires immediate veterinary care include the following:   

  • Vomiting and diarrhea  
  • Noticeable weight changes (gained or lost)  
  • Lethargy (decreased energy)  
  • Changes in water drinking  
  • Limping or the inability to stand up  
  • Loss of appetite  
  • Dizziness or trouble balancing  
  • Urinary accidents, straining, or inability to urinate or defecate  
  • Abnormal whining, pacing, or shaking  
  • A bloated, hard abdomen 

When Do You Need to Take Your Sick Pet to the Vet?  

Early intervention is key when treating diseases and illnesses in pets, so it’s important to seek treatment immediately if your pet starts exhibiting any signs of sickness. So, if your pet is sick, you must take them to the vet as soon as possible. However, suppose your pet has mild symptoms that are intermittent and/or don’t affect their quality of life, energy levels, appetite, and other normal behaviors. In that case, you can call the hospital to plan an appointment at your earliest convenience.  

How Much Does Urgent Vet Care Cost?   

Costs will vary based on various factors, but our exam fee remains the same regardless of the presenting complaint, while treatments and diagnostics will be charged separately. We will provide you with a cost estimate along the way (and whenever asked) so you can plan accordingly. We also encourage pet parents to be upfront with cost constraints so we can prioritize treatments and diagnostics to get the biggest bang for our buck. Payment for all services is required at the time of service. However, there are options available to help offset costs, like CareCredit, which is a healthcare credit card that allows you to defer payments interest-free for six months, or by using our online pharmacy.

Vet Urgent Care Exam: What Happens?  

When you bring your pet to Charlotte Companion Animal Hospital, our care team will examine them to determine the level of urgency and collect their history. The next steps include the following:   

  • Physical exam: During the exam, our vet will perform a complete physical examination of your pet and spend time discussing their history with you. It’s helpful to provide at-home videos or pictures explaining the abnormal activity. The physical exam is our most basic diagnostic and helps guide what information is needed to help guide treatment. 
  • Diagnostics: In some cases, a physical examination is all the diagnostics needed to determine the source of a pet’s problem. However, in many instances, we’ll need bloodwork, urine tests, x-rays, ultrasounds, and other laboratory tests to diagnose your pet’s condition properly.    
  • Treatment plan: Once we have all the diagnostic results and have determined the underlying issue, our team will develop a treatment plan that best addresses your pet’s problem. We will fully discuss and explain all recommendations and are always here to answer any questions about your pet’s treatment.  

Schedule Your Same-Day Appointment Today!  

At Charlotte Companion Animal Hospital, we’re passionate about providing exceptional urgent care for your sick pet. We provide same-day appointments so you can call and bring your pet in to be seen as soon as possible. Dr. Koballa and the talented and nurturing team at our Charlotte, NC, hospital will provide a thorough examination and efficient diagnostic plans to determine the root of the issue and ensure prompt treatment and care for your furry friend. If your pet seems under the weather, call us today to schedule an appointment, and our team will work with you to diagnose and treat whatever may be ailing them.