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Animal Surgery in Charlotte, North Carolina

There are some situations where your pet will need to undergo a surgical procedure. When it happens to your pet, you want to know that you have an experienced veterinarian available to care for your loved one. At Charlotte Companion Animal Hospital, our veterinary team has performed countless procedures, and we are confident in our ability to give your pet the best general surgical care possible. We also do not recommend surgery unless necessary for a pet’s health, other options have already failed, or your pet needs treatment in an emergency.

What is General Pet Surgery?

General vet surgery is performed on animals by veterinarians to treat conditions involving all body systems: including the cardiothoracic, gastrointestinal, skin, orthopedic, dental, and urogenital systems, as well as disorders involving the ear, nose, and throat. Typically, the types of surgery that specific veterinarians can perform depend on their education and experience. At Charlotte Companion Animal Hospital, our general practitioners are highly experienced in handling the most common small animal surgeries. Occasionally, a referral to a specialist (like an orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, or cardiologist) is needed for more specific/specialized surgical needs.

Dr. Koballa performing surgery

Pain Management for Animal Surgery

Pain management for all surgical procedures is tailored to each patient based on anticipated pre-surgical and post-surgical needs. Your pet is given pain medications before, throughout, and after the procedure. We recommend patients stay in the hospital for a while after their procedure to ensure appropriate recovery and pain control in the postoperative period. Your pet may also go home with oral pain medications to ensure they are just as comfortable at home.

Vet Surgery Options at Charlotte Companion Hospital

Here are some of the general veterinary services we provide at our Charlotte practice: 

  • Spay and Neuter: This involves the removal of the ovaries and uterus of your female pet and the testicles of your male pet. Spaying or neutering your pet is an excellent way to reduce the homeless pet population, decrease unwanted pregnancy, limit the chances of reproductive cancers (testicular, prostatic, mammary, and uterine tumors), and reduce the chance of uterus or prostate infection. 
  • Laceration Repair: A laceration usually occurs as the result of a sharp object penetrating the skin and, possibly, the tissues beneath the skin. If your pet has suffered a trauma, puncture wound, or bite and needs laceration repair, our experienced and talented team will effectively evaluate and treat your pet to minimize additional risks and keep pain under control.
  • Growth Removals: Most pets will develop a lump or bump during their lifespan. Any growing, changing, or irritating growth is typically recommended to be examined and possibly removed and biopsied to determine the prognosis and the need for further therapy.
  • Abdominal Surgery: This includes a range of surgeries that include the stomach or intestines and surgeries on abdominal structures, like the spleen. The most common abdominal surgery is foreign body surgery (to retrieve things like toys or clothes that have been ingested and become lodged in the stomach or small intestines).
  • Dental Surgery: If your pet requires corrective surgery to repair or treat damage within the oral cavity, our experienced surgical team can provide effective investigation and treatment. We recommend dental surgery when there’s severe dental disease, tooth mobility, abscessed teeth, and/or new or irregular growths of the gingiva, hard/soft palate, and/or tongue. 
  • C-Section: This is most commonly performed as an emergency when there is difficulty with natural birth. However, some dogs cannot birth naturally (just like people!) and need surgical assistance to ensure both mom and babies enter the world safely and quickly. Our veterinary team is experienced in providing C-section surgeries to help your furry friend produce healthy puppies and kittens.

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At Charlotte Companion Animal Hospital, we understand that it can be stressful and overwhelming to learn that your pet needs surgery. That’s why our team is committed to providing your beloved pets with high-quality, compassionate care. We’ll communicate with you about what you need to know before, during, and after your pet’s surgery. Our goal is to make the entire process go smoothly, allow easy and streamlined follow-up care, and eliminate the stress and worry of surgical procedures. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s appointment at our Charlotte, NC, practice!